Which support to use for the markers?

I had the chance to test the graphic markers from Winsor & Newton: Promarker and Brushmarker. In this video presentation, I talk about these two products and I show you how to use them. You will see that markers and dry pastels are very good friends (yes, it weighed a lot in the balance to decide to explore this new medium).

The brand offers different types of markers, I invite you to visit their site to discover them all (there are also Pigment Marker and Water Color Marker, they are water soluble). : www.winsornewton.com

These felts are in alcohol, the colored inks are not toxic and the smell is very light.

In the video (and on the photo at the top of the page) I happily throw the color on the cap to store its markers in a pencil and serve easily according to his needs. In reality, it should not be stored vertically, ink likely to leave the felt by capillarity. I found the parade by recovering a square pot that I can leave horizontally on my desk. You can also keep them in a kit.

Which support to use for the markers?
Markers are used on all kinds of paper. But depending on the surface the ink will be absorbed too quickly which could prevent you from taking full advantage of all the possibilities they offer. She can also cross some papers and try your work plan.

There is specific paper that allows optimal use: The paper “Layout”.

Depending on the pressure exerted and the angle of the mine on the paper, one can have different thicknesses. I used the same color ProMarker and BrushMarker so you can see that it’s really the same shade with the same opacity.

The inks are all translucent, but depending on the colors they are more or less. Creating your own color chart will be useful for
to better understand the differences from one color to another.

If you insist on an area, you can increase its opacity, as in watercolor.

In the image below, you can see the result with a single line, then insist, then let the ink dry and insist again.

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