How to use Promarker alcohol felts?

In this article we will try to look at the colorization at Promarkers. In 2010, I took storyboard lessons. It was on this occasion that I was confronted with these markers of alcohol, very used by the storyboarders. I learned to use them during these classes, then I left them for several years to return them in 2015. Since then, I have a lot of fun using them, mainly for my Parisian portraits.

History of Promarker:
Originally the Promarker was designed by the Letraset brand, which also owned the Tria. These two models of alcohol felts were widely used in design, design, architecture, rough, illustration or art school. A few years ago, Letraset disappeared in favor of the British fine arts brand Winsor & Newton, known especially for its outdoor watercolor material.

The Promarkers are double-pointed alcohol felts, one fine for details and the other beveled for solid areas. Thanks to their alcohol-based ink and dyes, if used correctly, allow uniform coloring, overlays and beautiful gradients.

Like any drawing material the Promarkers ask for practice. To make pretty flat areas of uniform colors you have to work fast and not wait for the ink to dry. For a sharp rendering, it is necessary to make hatches side by side in a very fast way, with the fine point for the small surfaces and with the beveled point when the surface to be colored is more extensive.

The ink pierces the paper as with all alcohol markers. So do not expect to draw on the front and back of your pages (even if some do very beautiful things with these accidents). Either you have to bring paper layout, although personally I have never found a block of paper that I liked. Either to prevent the markers leaving traces on the page after put a sheet just below the one on which you draw.

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