How to draw metal surfaces with graph’it markers

Logical continuation of the tutorial N ° 2 “How to make gradations with Graph’it Markers”, today I will explain to you how to draw metal with Graph’it Markers.

Take for example an illustration of Iron Man that I drew on tablet with the software Painter 9.5.

With this drawing, I’m going to show you that you can have almost the same rendering as on a tablet, with traditional markers coloring.

I will start by drawing 4 tubes with different lighting, so you can see that everything is a question of lighting, depending on the texture you want to draw.

The goal here is not to learn to draw, but to see different effects with a simple rendering picture

Tube 1 / I leave on a base of yellow No. 1150, the gold color of Iron Man. Our tube is completely neutral.

Tube 2 / On this yellow I add a shadow with the No. 1230, there is a little more volume, but the material is matte and the lighting is on the left side.

Tube 3 / Here I add a darker fitting in the shade, which will start to make it look a little smoother. It is this darker fitting that accentuates the “smooth” effect with the color No. 1270.
Tube 4 / On tube No. 4 the light is on the back and slides around the tube. Adding a white color to the edges accentuates this effect, and makes the tube metal. Here I used colors N ° 1150, 1210, 1230, 1270.

It is made this way: the base 1150 + 1230 first and the felt N ° 1270 to mark the dark shadow. Then, the felt n ° 1210 is used to make the gradient of colors between the dark ones 1230, 1270 and the 1150 of base, but one can still accentuate more if one wishes it …

This is a more “finished” tube.

Little tip: I added a blue color in the shading on the right with the felt # 7120 to give a green side, (blue + yellow = green), to give even more volume.

I marked with arrows places enhanced by another color to give more volume and have the desired metallic effect.


Let’s try a piece of arm … We start with the base yellow N ° 1150

Then just as for the tubes, we darken following the shape of the volumes to draw. What will give us this?

We go gradually …

To finish the arm, I place the shadows in the same way as in the tutorial # 1.

For shading I often use the range of felts No. 9400. For this case, I used felts No. 9402, 9403 and 9404, but you can use other colors for shading. We will come back to this later.

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