Alcohol felt is the link between traditional and digital

When we like manga, when we draw rough in artistic studies, we hear about alcohol felts. Promarker, Touch, Copic, Graph’it, many brands of alcohol markers are present in art store but between these brands, we do not really know what to choose. First and foremost, it’s important to explain what an alcohol felt pen is, what paper to use, and what is the purpose of the famous alcohol felt blender, which is not really a white.

The alcohol felt, what is it?
Alcohol felt is a category of felts reserved for the professional activity of drawing and rough. It is in the form of a cylindrical plastic sheath in which is inserted the wick which contains the ink. Both ends are closed by points of different shapes. The tips can be: round, thin, brush, wide, bevelled.
Felt responded to a demand for rapid coloring, effective in a context of creation: advertising, storyboarding, mood search, logos, object design, fashion. At present, it is also used in the field of manga and comics.

In the body of the alcohol felt, the ethanol-based ink evaporates rapidly. Once dry, the color of these markers becomes indelible. The transparency of the ink makes it possible to superimpose tones very easily if you work on smooth white surfaces.

What are the essential accessories of alcohol felt?
For the paper:

Paper layout 75 g / m² if you do research with few layers of alcohol felt (rough for example)
Clairefontaine Bristol or Canson Bristol, Japanese Kent paper, in short, a smooth or extra-smooth type paper, weighing more than 200g / m², if you want to work in layers and come back several times to your colors (in illustration for example)
For outlines or features:

Felt pens or fine markers resistant to alcohol: Copic Multiliner, Uni Pin Fine Line.
Blue pencil (see article on the blue pencil)
The diameter of the mine ranges from 0.03mm to 0.8mm.

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